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Solar power is the way to go. In case of a power surge or loadshedding, you can have the peace of mind that you will not have to struggle to get things done without power. In the long run is it more affordable to live off the grid, than being powered by Eskom. And it is simple to buy and install.

Solar Power Explained Shortly:
General solar panels (PV) catch particles of the sun light to create an electric current. The light particles is known as photons.

Within the solar cells of the panel the electrons are knocked free causing an electrical current. There are wires where the current is transferred to that moves it to a inverter. Then, the inverter create AC power out of the solar energy which is then used to power the residence.

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Ready-To-Install Packages

Below are 4 Ready-to-install solar system packages available. We can also CALCULATE and DESIGN a solar system per REQUEST to best fit your needs.

We are not limited to the 4 packages below as we are experts in the solar field.

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