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Solar System Installers in Nelspruit

Solar panel energy is the way to go, it is simple and will cost you less in the long run. Solar panel installations throughout South Africa have increase significantly over the last 5 years.

You should definitely look into getting a solar panel system for your residence. With all the loadshedding going on in South Africa, you will benefit from having a solar system in place.

How Does Solar Power Work?
Standard solar panels, known as photovoltaics or PV, bring out an electric current by catching sun light particle (photons).

The photos hit the electrons in the solar cells of the panels free which result in an electrical current. The current convey to wires that is fixed to a inverter. The inverter transform these solar energy into AC power that can be used throughout your home.

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Ready-to-Install Packages

Below are 4 Ready-to-install solar system packages available. We can also CALCULATE and DESIGN a solar system per REQUEST to best fit your needs.

We are not limited to the 4 packages below as we are experts in the solar field.

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